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2023 IATSE Latinx Caucus Goals

IATSE Latinx Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the professional welfare of IATSE Latinx members by building community, advocating for equity, informing policy, and celebrating our contributions to the entertainment industry.

2023 IATSE Latinx Caucus Goals

1. Community Building: We foster community among members through events that create networking, support, and shared experiences.

2. Amplifying Latinx Visibility: Creating panel discussions for Latinx History Month to showcase Latinx contributions and perspectives in the film industry. The goal is to share union journeys, elevate visibility, and create opportunities for all Latinx professionals.

3. Inclusive Data: We advocate for inclusion in data related to the creative economy and entertainment industry. Collaborating with researchers to gather thorough data that represents workplace climate and Latinx experiences. By doing so, we can provide support for evidence-based discussions, policies and industry initiatives.


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