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Latinx TV Talent Still Largely Shunned by Hollywood, UCLA Diversity Report Indicates

Excerpt taken from the Oct 26, 2021 article

Written by Mónica Marie Zorrilla

People who identify as Hispanic or Latinx make up 18.5% of the United States’ population, but as a Hollywood Diversity Report TV analysis from UCLA released today indicates, the country’s demographic reality is not being reflected on our small screens.

In fact, the share of total cast roles in television for the 2019-2020 season for Latinx actors stood at just 6.3% for broadcast, 5.7% for cable and 5.5% for digital. Though in broadcast Latinx actors were slightly more prominent, standing at 7.1%, numbers still remained flat last year, with 3.9% cast in cable main roles and 4.7% in digital. While the report showed that TV content from diverse writers’ rooms and/or with diverse casts resonated with audiences during the pandemic, Latinx actors, directors and writers still remain largely shunned by the industry. The report analyzed key job categories, as well as ratings and social media engagement scores, for 461 scripted shows across 50 television programming providers.

Read the full Variety article


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